Annapolis Office

122 Defense Highway

Suite 210

Annapolis, MD 21401


Tel:  410-266-9694

Fax:  410-266-9695


Kent Island Office

130 Love Point Road

Suite 107

Stevensville, MD 21666


Tel:  410-604-2759

Fax: 410-266-9695

New phone system: Extension List

We have recently updated our phone system to better serve you! When you dial the main phone number for either office, you will reach a recording.


You may then choose one of the following options:

Press 1   If you would like to schedule a new patient appointment

Press 2   If you are a current patient to reach the front desk

Press 3   For the Billing Department

Press 4   For the clinical staff, back office phone tree

Press 5   For the Botox Coordinator

Press 6   For the Refill Line 

Press 7  For the office manager

Press 8  For the Medical Records Departments


Dial Direct: Main Office  410-266-9694:

Dial extension 101 for the Appointment Scheduler

Dial extension 102 for Drs. Maki and Mary Furda's medical assistant

Dial extension 107 for the practice manager

Dial extension 109 For Medication refills other than Botox

Dial extension 112 for Elisha Botox Benefits Coordinator

Dial extension 121 for Drs. Hexter and Salter's medical assistant

Dial extension 122 Prior Authorizations other than Botox

Dial Direct: Stevensville 410-604-2759:

Dial extension 201 for the front desk and medical records

Dial extension 202 for Dr. Molly Price, Victoria Trott and KJ Scott's medical assistant

Dial extension 204 for Dr. Maya Carter's assistant

Dial 205 for the billing office

Dial 207 Botox scheduler 

Office Hours


Monday - Thursday - 8am to 4:30pm

Friday - 7am to 3pm


Kent Island

Monday - Thursday - 8am to 4pm

Friday - hours vary, please call the office

Billing Department

~For billing questions, please call 410-604-2759 ext 205.

~If your account has been forwarded to Transworld Systems, please call 877-870-7255.  

Botox Coordinator

For questions about your Botox scheduling, please direct your call to Elisha.


Tel: 410-571-3946

Infusion Center

Annapolis Office

Tel: 443-440-5813

Fax: 443-440-5814


Kent Island Office

Tel: 410-988-3861

Fax: 410-988-3862

Our offices are closed in observance of the following holidays (If the holiday falls on a weekend, the following Monday will be the observation day):

New Years Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and the day after, and Christmas and the day after.